30 % off! Only a few hummingbird prints left.

As most of you who knows me, already know (and maybe some have figured out through social media ;) I’m very fond of birds. Especially the tiny ones. I feed them every day.

We even eat at the same breakfast. While I make my oatmeal with different seeds in the morning, I fill the same seed mix in the bird feeder outside the window (without the milk, of course). I know … I sound like an old crazy bird lady. But they’re so cute! And it’s such a nice way to start the day! <3

Enough about that! A while ago, I drew a small flying hummingbird. It was just for fun!

I wanted to have some copies for my self so I only printed a few as art print.

Now I thought I would like to share this with you! These are now available in the shop with a 30% last-chance discount.

Hurry up!

There are only a few left in stock and this illustration will not be printed again.



Monday October 26th, 2015