“A day in life of”

Last week I had the honor to take over Nordic Design Collective‘s Instagram account for a day. On Thursdays, NDC have something they call “A day in the life of” where they invite one of their designers to take over their account during a whole day. So that their followers can get the chance to see some more “behind the scenes” pictures from the designer during a ordinary workday.

And now it was my turn! Wihoo! :) So, I thought that I would like to share this day with you here as well!


My name is Sanna Wieslander and today I’ll be hosting NDC’s Instagram account.

I work as an illustrator and artist, based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Today I’ll have the honor to show you how I work.  I’m so happy and excited to share this day with you!


The alarm rings at 7 am every morning. (Including some snoozing. I’m not a morning person ) Then I pack my bag and go to work. If the weather is nice as it is today I always walk. Passing the lovely streets of Haga. It’s one of the oldest parts of Gothenburg and such a cozy neighborhood to pass everyday! Filled with cafes and tiny shops. So if you ever visit Gothenburg, a swedish fika in Haga is a must!


Welcome to my favorite place, my studio! Today I actually will start drawing on a new print. But first! I’m gonna pack some orders to my lovely costumers and retailers and working with some administration.


When I need to do some computer work, this is my favorite spot to be.


I mainly work with making posters and art prints. I love to play with my imagination, draw and combine different motives to new quirky creatures. All illustrations are completely drawn by hand, most of them with graphite pencils and then printed on art paper of the finest quality. You find them all in my web shop.


Packing orders to lovely costumers.

I sign all art prints and posters before I’m sending them away to their new homes.

And of course, I also write a little personal greeting to each one. Best part of the day!


If you can, always match you business card ;)

That’s not so hard for me. I almost wear black or grey every day. And I always have orange nail polish.

I started my company SWART, Sanna Wieslander ART in april, 2013. At first, It all started as a fun hobby of mine and one year later it turned out to be my full time job. I pinch my arm every day now! It’s so much fun! And I can’t really understand that my childhood dream, to be able to work as an artist, now is true! <3

Some other fun fact about my logo that I don’t think anyone knows:

The background is actually an extreme close up of a tiny part of my first mural painting in 2013. And why the text is orange, well that’s just because it’s my favorite color ;)


New print in the making!

Faaaar from done! I just started on this one today. But soon there will be a new member to the human animal family. I’m so excited! This one will have a black dress and a really bad attitude ;) Guess what animal it will be?


Time flies when you’re having fun and now it’s time to go to the post office and send todays orders to their new lovely homes <3


Let me introduce you to Lisa! I meet her and the rest of the crew at the post office several times a week when I send my orders. And they always welcome me with a big smile!  Thank you for the best of service and for always being so helpful!

Jelly dancer ny ram

This is my latest illustration that I sell as art print several different sizes in the shop.

I call her Jelly dancer! I don’t know if I think she’s beautiful or just creepy ;)

One thing is for sure, she is not a ordinary dancer…


Every day I try to get out for a long walk just to stretch my legs, clear my head or spend som time with a dear friend. This picture is from today’s strolling down by the harbor. Such a beautiful evening!

Thank you so much for following me today! Hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have!

If you would like to see more of me just head over to @sannawieslander. (I will be showing more process pictures of the new print there tomorrow *blink blink* ) Have a lovely evening dear Insta friends! And sleep tight!


So that’s “a day in life of”… me! :)

If you would you like to see more pictures, head over to Nordic design collectives Instagram account. Or just visit me ;)

Thank you for dropping by! Hope you all have a beautiful day!

Big hugs / Sanna

Friday April 22nd, 2016