Mural at Kallebäcks torn.

In November last year I got a very happy surprise in my inbox. It was an e-mail from Stena fastigheter (Stena real estate in english) and they asked me if I would like to decorate all the floors in one of their new buildings here in Gothenburg. A 14 floor high building to be exact! I didn’t need much time for consideration. Of course I would love to do that!

The only thing was that we didn’t have that much time for planning. They wanted a larger motif / pattern in the entrance and then they wanted to pick smaller pieces from it and paint on each floor. This was in the end of November. During this period I was working extra 3-4 days a week at my old job and everything needed to be done in the end of December. So I had to come up with something quick! I started to look through my old sketches and found this one that I made during my time at Gothenburg school of art back in the days. (I call it twister)

This was a bit too advanced for the tight schedule so I slightly simplified it all and made it black and white. The painting would also extend over two walls, one of which was dark gray so I had to experiment a little and invert the pattern on one side. I also added “two towers” that repeated in the pattern to symbolize the Kallebäck’s towers (There are two exactly the same buildings that are named Kallebäcks towers and I was going to paint in one of them). So never throw your old drawings away! You never know when they can come in handy or what they can inspire you to do in the future! :)

This is what my remake of my old sketch looked like in the end.

So, in December it was time to start working at this place! So exciting!

I didn’t want to mess up the wall to much so I made the pre-sketch with mask tape and white crayons.

Note to self: Buy a lot of tape!

Drawing bubbly pattern!

… and some “towers”. Our little baby girl had to keep up with me. Whether she wanted to or not <3 (but I think she thought it was just as fun as mom).

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!!!

Tadaa! The entrance is finished!

And this is what it looks like from the outside.

Only 13 floors left to go.

There I made it a little easier and picked only minor details from the larger motif in the entrance.

I used posca markers, masking tape and wall paint in black, white and gray.

Different patterns on different floors but all from the same bigger motif in the entrance.

It took a few days but finally I’ve painted all the way up to floor 14!

Isn’t it wonderful with people who dare to invest in a little more “artsy look” in the public space? Thank you Stena fastigheter for this fun assignment! I cross my fingers that I’ll get to do more collaborations like this in the future. <3

You’ll find more pictures and videos from the process of this decoration painting on my Instagram under stories – Mural / pattern.


Wednesday January 9th, 2019