Just one regular work week <3

Hello everyone!

Now I’m sitting here in my cozy little studio and working. Melody that I share studio with is standing in the room next door painting large abstract oil paintings and Nancy (our very loving, four-legged assistant) comes and puts her head in my lap every once and a while, looking at me with those gorgeous big brown eyes and says “Love me, love me, loooove meeee”

image 6

Today we’re listening to some soul music, so it’s almost a little bit hard to sit still. The sun shines through the window and I actually think it’s spring in the air outside. LOVELY!

You maybe wonder what I do during the days? How a work week looks like for someone like me?

It’s very varied, but this week has been one of those “fix” weeks. I’ve worked with two custom orders in the form of portraits (but there are birthday gifts so don’t wanna put up pictures on the result if that would ruin the surprise ;). Then I’ve packed some orders to lovely customers and retailers. I was also visiting at the restaurant The BARN here in Gothenburg and drew on their new menus. In the spring, I will have an exhibition there so I’ve also been working on some new paintings.

image 3

image 5

image 4

I’ve been test printing a new illustration that I will release as art print in several different sizes in next week.

image 2

A while ago, so I also got the honor to draw whatever I wanted on Esaja Ekman’s leather suit, an awesome long board skater here in Gothenburg. So I’ve been working on that almost every evening this week.  Drawing quirky figures and pattern on the whole thing. Really fun!


I was also at a meeting with Västtrafik (a local bus company). There I was asked to do a very funny advertising poster. More about that you’ll find out soon.

That’s what a work week can look like.

I am so glad that I took the step and started my own business two years ago. There’s been a lot of work and many question marks in the beginning of this journey. But it has been so much fun and always felt so right. I’ve met so many wonderful people along the way, THANK YOU for your positive and kind words and encouragement. It’s very much thanks to you that this has become possible <3  It’s amazing to work this creatively everyday…

Yes, today I can say that I have the best job in the world! … (For me) <3

Friday March 6th, 2015