Fabfeministas design market.

On Friday and today, Saturday I’ve been at Fabfeministas design market in Nordstan. In the middle of Gothenburg’s largest shopping mall! Such lovely market and so well arranged! (It’s the same crew who’s behind Lindholmens designmarkad here in Gothenburg.)

“Unfortunately,” it was the best summer weather ever outside (30 degrees and sun), which means that most people hung on the beach rather than in town. Which one might can understand. It’s not often you want to complain about this amazing summer weather we’ve had here in Sweden lately, but I almost wished for rain to get more people inside now when they have arrange this market so well. But we had a great time anyway! So this will not be the last time I’m here, I hope!

Here are some pictures from my two days at Fabfeministas design market.

The entrance.

My home for two days.

Talented “husritare“.

jewelry from Bella Angora.

Prints from “Patriarkatet och jag”.

Drawn by Jovanna

Me and my amazing boyfriend who helps me to pack, drive all my stuff and bring snacks when my stomach is hungry. I’m so incredibly grateful and happy that I have you by my side! Thank you so much for all your help as a usual darling! <3

But it’s not over yet! The market runs tomorrow as well (Sunday, July 15.). So be sure to drop by if you’re in the neighborhood! So many pretty things!

You can read more about this market here: https://www.fabfeministasgbg.se/

Hope to see you soon again!

Big hug / Sanna

Saturday July 14th, 2018