Free spirit – NYTT PRINT!

Now, finally it’s time for a new print! And that’s not the only thing… it also includes birds! (I love birds if there is anyone who hasn’t noticed that ;) Let me introduce my latest print to the family… (drum roll) FREE SPIRIT!


The idea of this illustration was at first, to be honest, that I wanted to make a poster with these über cute little birds (It’s a blue tit and great tit in the picture). But I also wanted to make an illustration that symbolizes freedom in some way.

It’s not natural for a bird to be trapped in a cage. And sometimes we humans feel the same in some contexts. We feel trapped. In everyday life, or maybe at work. There are so many out there who have big dreams but don’t take the chance to live them out. We say to ourselves (or perhaps someone else) that we can’t handle certain things in life. “I’m too old for that”. The law of Jante is peeking in and says that you shouldn’t think so much of yourself. So we lock ourselves in. It’s so easy to stay in the comfort zone when you’re doubting yourself. But the nice thing about being human is that we (usually) can choose whether we want to stay in the cage, or open the door and try our wings … and I definitely vote for the last option! ;)

So this illustration is a little push! Just as the birds in the picture, take control! If you really want to do something, you can! Open the door to the cage of doubts and fly! We are capable of amazing things! Unless you have at least grown two meters just by trying. And probably opened a lot of doors to succeed next time ;)

For example. When I chose to quit my job to start working as an artist, I had so many doubts! Before I took that step I often thought “OMG, how will this work? I can’t quit a job like this just because I want to work as an artist? Is working as an artist even a real job?

I don’t know anything about how to run a business. Will I make it?! “And a hundred other self-critical questions. But somewhere in there, I wanted it so much (And I still do).

It screamed in me despite my wall/cage of a doubt that I so many times had built up inside of me. Thanks to the strong will and a incredibly support from loved ones, I took the plunge. And nothing has ever felt so right or so much fun! One of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life! I’m so incredibly grateful for that I took that step. I dared.

I want everyone to experience that someday in life. That incredibly overwhelming feeling once you have conquered your insecurity, doubt and sometimes fears. Even if it might will be a tough journey to get there sometimes (Or easy!). Whether it’s about a job or not, or if the dream is big or small. Or if it’s just about daring bungee jumping or talk infront of a lot of people. I wish that everyone get to feel like a “free spirit” sometimes… <3

… And to play down this deep pep talk (but I’m very serious about it! <3) Here are, as usual some pictures of the actual drawing process.


First sketch.


The beginning of a blue tit.


Slowly getting there.


Tadaaa! And it’s finished!

And this is how it looks like as art prints and posters.


All the A5, A4 and A3 prints are sealed in plastic pockets with a little business card on the back.


All the 50×70 & 70×100 posters are wrapped in silk paper and then packed in black paper tubes.


Now is the illustration Free spirit available as signed art prints and posters in several different sizes in my webshop. Hope you like it! :)

Wednesday November 23rd, 2016