Maternity photoshoot

We are so close! 16 days left to be precise according to my pregnant app. So, our little baby girl might arrive any day now. This is our first child. There’s so much love and expectations in the air. We just can’t handle the excitement to finally meet you little piglet! Whoever you are hiding in there.

We’ve been taking a lot of pictures of the baby bump during the pregnancy. Although, almost all of them are very amateurish and through a mobile camera lens. It looks pretty funny proportionally when you are 158 cm (tall!) and with an upper body where God forgot 10 cm. The feeling right now is a bit like when Julia Roberts put on a far to big backpack in the movie Run away bride and fell right backwards. Though my backpack makes me fall forward. But still, I’ve never felt so beautiful as I do now in my “little” love bump! <3

Two weeks ago, Lisa Ryd Carlsson visited us at home one afternoon. Not only is she a very dear friend, she is also a very talented photographer. And this afternoon she had brought her camera to catch the moment through her magical eyes.

Here are some pictures from the result.

And some standing photos.

Thank you so much dear Lisa for all these lovely photos! I’m so happy for this wonderful memory of the love bump. <3

And hey! A little bird whispered in my ear that Lisa Ryd Carlsson now offer a very friendly special price when booking pregnancy photoshoot before February 28, during the period march 1 – April 30, 2019. 

If you are interested you’ll find her here:

Instagram: @lisarydcarlsson
Facebook: @longstoryshortbylisa

. . .

Well, dear friends… The next blog post will probably be about when our new, little family member arrives. We can’t wait! Talk to you soon. <3

Lots of love!

/ Sanna & the little piglet


Monday February 18th, 2019