Häng på hamngatan in Uddevalla

Last Saturday it was time for “Häng på Hamngatan” in my dear hometown Uddevalla. An event where the inner city is brought to life with music from all corners of the world, foodtrucks, design markets and much more. It feels a bit special to go there with my prints. It was the first time in my hometown actually! And what a day we had! So many dear meetings with new happy faces, old friends, colleagues and family in lovely Swedish summer weather! <3

Here are some pictures from our day.

This is me! Selling art prints on a bridge.

A pretty nice view.

Lovely neighbors!

Bought a crystal necklace from Roots design.

My family! <3

My nephew Atlas had picked bigarra in mom’s garden that he sold together with me to save up to something big on the wish list.

How cute?! <3

More lovely neighbors, Sloydlab!

Dennis is selling prints as well! www.folkepatron.se

My dear and talented photographer friend Lisa Sihlberg lectures about our beautiful nature and how we should take care of it. www.lisasihlberg.com

…and little me again.

Thank you all who dropped by and visited last Saturday! We had such a wonderful day! I really hope to see you all again soon. <3

Big hug! / Sanna.

Monday July 2nd, 2018