Christmas decoration at Tshirt Store!

This week it was time to let go of our blue little monster at Tshirt Store in Gothenburg. Because now it’s time to put some Christimas spirit in the store! But it wasn’t easy! The monster was stuck to the window like super glue. But with some help of two strong arms (Nicklas) we finally solved it in the end. :)






The blue plastic was really hard to remove but the funny part was that everything that I’ve been drawing underneath with posca markers were still there in perfect condition. Now I learned that! Posca markers are good stuff! :)  So after some hard work getting the window clean we could finally start with our Christmas decorations.




Daniel kept me company during his last day at work. Soon he will move to Leeds in England and build a new Tshirt store there. It’s gonna be so great, Daniel! But we will miss you here!




Et volia! Four rolls of blue tape, 7 cups of coffee, gingerbread and a lot of colorful decorative plastic later. Finished! A big Pac-man square! I don’t really know why I chose to do Pac-man. But I thought that the window had a grateful shape similar to a game plan and many of the designs on the T-shirts have video-game-inspired motifs. I got really nice flashbacks of when I was a kid and sat with my Gameboy or Nintendo playing. So I thought it would fit nicely in the store! And it didn’t turn out that bad or what do you think? :)


Thursday November 21st, 2013