Creative weeks

Hello everyone!

When I’m at work, I most of the time, work very creatively. But for the last couple of weeks, even my spare time has been very creative. And I don’t complain! I love that! ;)

So I thought I’d like to share that with you. What I’ve been up to lately. Besides making the new print, Free spirit and working with my posters, I’m working on a secret mission right now (and a very big one) that takes a lot of time. Something I’ve never done before, and that to me is very exciting! But it isn’t for sure that it will go the whole way through yet. So please keep you fingers crossed for me! Because if it will.. it will be sooo good! (I’ll tell you more about it when/if it becomes official ;)

Last week I’ve also been at the restaurant Teaterkällaren in Gothenburg  and helped them to make some signs and decorate their slates. It looked like this.







But at my spare time, I’ve also, in the past four months gone to a silver forging course every Thursday night. Nothing I’ve ever tried before. But two of my friends Elin and Lina has been there for the last 2 years and they’ve always been telling me how much fun it is and that I have to try it. So I did. And I couldn’t agree more… It’s sooo fun! Why haven’t I tried this before? It was so much fun that I had to sign me up for next spring’s semester as well. It’s so exciting to work with such a different material. Hammer, solder and get a little dirty until it actually becomes something beautiful that you can wear. So here is where you’ll find me next year as well.

… And this is what it looks like at our little silver workshop :)







Then I got the cutest gift from my boyfriend for my birthday. He knows me… I got a course in ceramics. And he was joining me as well! So that’s where we’ve been on the weekends lately. I don’t know who enjoyed it the most … he or I (haha). We got to try both pottery and and to model, roll and shape clay in the “usual” way. Super fun really! The hours just flew away!

… And it looked like this.







I’ve heard it’s pretty hard to pottery. And it was! But we got into it pretty quickly. Just in time until I made the final bowl of the day I actually started to get the hang of. (Although most of them were rather oblique, but I see it as charming ;) And the teachers are super talented and very helpful!

Thank you honey for such a wonderful gift! It was sooo fun to do this together with you <3

If you too are eager to try some kind of creative course (in Sweden), I really recommend any of these! I thought it was so fun! Both the silver forging and the pottery course was booked through the Adult Education Association in Gothenburg, Sweden. Read more about it here:

Now I’ll continue on the creative track but in a much sweeter form. Because now when Christmas is just around the corner, you’ll just have to build gingerbread houses (and of course, make marzipan penguins in Santa hats ;)

Hope you all have a really lovely Christmas!

Hugs from Sanna


Wednesday December 7th, 2016