Lady in black – NEW PRINT!

For about a year ago I sat in my little studio and played with ink. I dropped black, heavy ink drops in a glass of water and watched it slowly dancing around. I became completely hypnotized! It was so beautiful and meditative to watch and I felt that I really had to do something with this! But I just didn’t know what.

But for a few months ago, it all came to me!

I’ll draw ink that’s dancing in water and mix it with other motives. I thought that it would be fun to draw a little ballet dancer in there some how and started to sketch immediately.

I’m not really used to drawing abstract. Which I had to do with this one. I had to make up my own shapes, lines and shadows to make them fit the little ballet dancer nicely. However, that was easier said than done. Let me say that I used the rubber a lot! Which messed up the paper. Which ended up with that I had to re-draw this illustration three times! (haha) #sweaty-emoji

But you learn from your mistakes and now she’s finally there on the paper! My new little ink dancer… The lady in black.

And here are as usual some pictures of the actual drawing process.

The first sketch.

Slowly getting there.

I gave a sneak peek on Facebook and Instagram <3


This is actually the beginning of a whole new series, which I call “Dancing ink” (New motives will be added successively). Lady in black is drawn entirely by hand with graphite pencils and has then been scanned and printed on 300 g, nature white art paper of the finest quality. Unlike from my other illustrations and art prints, This illustration is printed in a limited edition of only 250 signed and numbered art prints.

And now she’s finally in the webshop together with the rest of the crew! I hope you like her! :)

Monday October 23rd, 2017