Nordic Design Collective, Calendar 2015.

Yes it’s totally weird but now we just fall into the last month and Christmas time. What happened this year anyway?

I do not know how often I write this but … Time goes so fast !!! I was just swimming and sunbathing recently? Now I sit here with my teacup, a little half-frozen and looking out the studio window. The trees are naked in the yard under a dark grey sky and its raining like crazy. It’s the end of November.

But every season has its charm. Now you can finally sit inside and draw and paint all day long with a clear conscience. Lit candles and snuggle up on the couch with a blanket. It’s not entirely bad either. And I, I do like that. So it suits me pretty well.

Get to the point! Well! Soon it’s a new brilliant year with new possibilities! And if you want some order into your weekly planning for 2015 it might would be a good idea to have a calendar.

For about a year ago I became one of Nordic Design Collective’s designers. Suuper fun! If you haven’t visited their website I would recommend you to do so. So many talented designers! Last year NDC released a calendar in which 12 designers got to illustrate one month each. It was a success! Now it’s time again and this year I had the honor to be one of those 12! Wiho!

Now finally it is ready and available on their website for sale. You could say that you get 12 pieces of unique posters for the cost of only 495 SEK (including shipping). That’s a pretty good deal. But hurry! The calender is only available in a limited edition, so order your copy before they sell out!

This is my contribution. I call her Swan orchid, Miss December.



Monday November 24th, 2014