Easter decoration – How to make paper feathers.

Last year I read about several who had made super cute paper feathers during Easter. Which I of course just had to try too! They were so easy to make and turned out so pretty that I almost couldn’t stop cutting paper feathers there for a while.

So this year I wanted to spread the word on how to easily make these by just using paper, glue, some sticks and a scissor.

  • Pick some papers that you think would fit nicely. (For best result, use a thicker kind of paper)
  • Take two papers and glue them properly over the backs. Then place the sticks over one of them (on the glued part).

  • Add the second glued paper over the sticks. With the glued sides faced against each other and with the sticks in the middle (like a sandwich). pressure and smooth it tightly.

  • Draw a shape of a feather along the stick.

  • Cut out the shape.

  • You can also draw your own kind of pattern on if you’d like.

  • Or use old postcards.

  • Use the scissor to cut thin stripes towards the stick.

  • Et volia! You’ve made paper feathers! :)

Aren’t they pretty? And the best thing of all is that they are easy to make! I think it looks best if you make a few so it almost becomes like a small bouquet. Works perfect as Easter decorations (or as decoration all year round if you ask me ;)

Sunday March 19th, 2017