Playful Lily – NEW PRINT!

Sometime in september this year when I were spending some quality time with my friend Marika. She said that she would like to find an old gramophone for her home in her “cozy corner”. We sat down and googled some pictures of old gramophones and where to find them. They all had like big funnels that almost look like flowers. It really got my imagination going! I was immediately eager to draw a gramophone with a “flower funnel”. Since it was Marika who led me to the idea and she also is crazy about lilies, the choice of flower as a funnel wasn’t that difficult to decide.

So this one, is actually a little bit dedicated to you my dear friend! <3

It took some retakes / drawings to get it finished, but now finally she is here and available in the shop as signed art prints in several different sizes.

Let me introduce… (drum roll) Playful Lily! :)


As usual, I asked for your help to name the print on Facebook and Instagram. You came up with so many great, imaginative and funny name suggestions! Thank you so much everyone! It’s always fun to hear your ideas! <3 This lovely name suggestions came from @traerup (on Instagram and that of course, will get a Playful Lily art print as a big thank you).

Here are some pictures from the making process.





Sorry for the bad resolution on the “in the making” pictures. I forgot my camera at home so I had to use my iPhone instead. It’s so hard to stop drawing when you get that flow! “once you pop you can’t stop” So I sat there in my little studio drawing in the middle of the night, tried to get as much light as I could with my IKEA lamp. Those iphone cameras works better in daylight… I noticed ;)

Tuesday December 8th, 2015