Hello in there in the summer heat!

The days really flies by here! Which it usually does during vacation but it goes even faster now when we’ve got our little mini in the family. Right now we fill our days with lots of trips around on the west coast, spending quality time with family and friends. It’s lovely!

But I’ve also been able to draw a little. Among other things, a portrait of our little Ebba. I thought I’d make at least one portrait of her each year. Then she’ll get them all when she grows up. Maybe on her 18th birthday.

And this is how it turned out! (the drawing process step by step)

(Reference photo)

And there’s our little sunshine! <3 Next time, I will probably not choose a reference picture where she’s wearing a pajamas with 589 stripes ;)

Right now I’m on maternity leave, but if anyone’s interested in a portrait, I will start taking commissions again this fall. Just send me an email!

Hope you have a lovely summer!


Sunday July 28th, 2019