Rockabilly honey – NEW PRINT!

Hi everyone!

Now, finally, she is here! Let me introduce the new family member… Rockabilly Honey! :)

Rockabilly honey rumslig

For some reason, I find it much easier to figure out male characters. I probably have like ten in my head screaming to be drawn down on paper. So this time I started sketching on several different male characters, all though I knew that is was time for a girl (I always make every other girl, every other guy to get a nice balance). I started drawing on a badger in a suit and an otter in beret, but both of them turned out half finished. They didn’t feel quite right. Maybe because I really knew that I was time for a girl ;)

I’m starting to get to know myself now. If it doesn’t feel quite right, If I get stuck in something, it is usually best to take a break, do something else and come back later and look at it with new eyes.

And sudden! One day when I was working with something completely different in the studio, I got an idea that I wanted to make a girl in a bunny outfit (you know, one of those corset-like outfit with a small fluffy “bunny-ball” on the butt?) So I googled a lot of pictures. But then I thought it felt a bit corny … She must have some attituuude! not just being sexy. She must look cool, too! So then I decided that she would become a bit more like a rockabilly bunny instead. It felt right! I started drawing on her right away, took about 12-14 hours to make. In two days, she was ready. First test print turned out great! (Which doesn’t happen very often ;) Then I just had to print her up and get her in stock. And now, two weeks later the Bunny is here! I actually think she’s my new favorite :)

Here are some pictures of the making process.




Rockabilly honey


Monday June 15th, 2015