SWART + Ment = True <3

In december 2014, I got in contact with Ingvild and Sidsel, two lovely sisters who runs the Norweigan porcelain and ceramics company, Ment. They asked me if I would like to draw some flowers and leaves to print on their new products.  I didn’t need much time to think about that super fine offer… ;) “Off course I would like to do that!” They told me about their ideas and I got some reference photos to work with. Then I started sketching!

A few weeks ago at the North modern fair in Copenhagen, I shared the show room with Martin Schwartz and Ment themselves! So much fun to finally meet these wonderful people! And do you know what the sisters had brought with them?  Cups, plates and vases with my illustrations on. Wieee! It was so exciting to finally see the finished result.

Here are some pictures of the process and on the new products.








Want to know more about Ment? Visit their website HERE.

Monday September 7th, 2015