Street boxer – NEW PRINT!


He is finally here!

Let me introduce our new family member! (drum roll) Street boxer!


Street boxer med ram


Street boxer came up as an idea for a while ago, actually. And to be quite honest, it wasn’t my idea. It was when I spent time with one of my closest friends, Elin. We took a walk, talked about everything and finally came into our jobs. She asked me if I had any new ideas for art prints coming up. I said that I have lots of ideas but no one feels “spot on” at the moment (I would like to get that: “Ooh! Yeah! This is so great! I would like to draw this right away – feeling! When you come up with a new idea…). We were tossing around ideas and then she suddenly said: “I know! You should draw Irax (a common friend’s boxer dog)! And make him into a boxer, a street boxer! “

I loved the idea and that great feeling appeared instantly! Partly because Irax is the world’s most charming dog (and he has this really grumpy look, but in a cute way), and also because he has that nice dark patch around his eye that looks like a black eye. So I could really imagine him being a tough street boxer. What an awesome idea!

During that period, I was busy working on a mural together with my dear mom, so I didn’t really have time to work on a new print at the time. But Street boxer screamed in my head to come out! So one day when we were slowly were getting ready with the mural, when I were on my way home I passed a flea market. I saw a man that sold an old pair of red boxing gloves for 50 swedish crowns. Then I thought that this must be a sign. 

I bought them without blinking and went home and asked my sweet boyfriend if I could take some pictures of him with the boxing gloves. If I could have those pictures as reference when drawing the new character . Kind as he is, he did it! and really went for it! (Ha ha) Thank you darling for your commitment! You are just the best!

Mathias who is Irax’s dad was kind and sent me some pictures of him. And then I started drawing! I don’t think I’ve ever drawn one of those characters that fast before! All together It took two days to draw him and then he was ready for print!

So! This print is first of all thanks to Elin who came up with the idea! But also thanks to Mathias, Irax te dog and with some modelling from my better half, David. I may have had something to do with it as well together with my pencils ;) Thank you so much dear friends! <3

… And as usual, here are some pictures from the making process!


Irax the sweet dog.


The boxing gloves I found on the flea market.


My own street boxer <3




The first sketch.







Tada! He’s finished!

And this is what he looks like art print and posters.





street boxer

Now you can find this little fighter as signed art prints and posters together with the rest of his family in my web shop.

Sunday August 21st, 2016