Thank you Formex! <3

Now I’m back home again after one week at Formex design fair in beautiful Stockholm. It was my first time at this fair so I didn’t really know what to expect. But omg what a nice time we had! It was like stepping into a big, warm and friendly hug! All meetings with old and new designer friends, all wonderful visitors, organizers and all inspiring people who I’ve been following through social media. I’ve had such a wonderful time together with you! Thank you!

… And as if that weren’t enough, I’ve now also got several new, lovely retailers around the world. So… After this week, There’s a little tired, but a very happy Sanna sitting here writing right now. <3

I was alone during the whole fair so unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to “run around” and shoot this time. But here are some pictures of what it looked like at my stand at the Young designer department.


Hey, ho! Let’s go!

Cool artwork in the entrance.

Let the fun begin!

And this is what my stand looked like in the end.

Part of the “Young designer” section before opening.

Siri Netzell who’s one of the awesome ladies behind the company Mainstreet Stockholm – Creative agency dropped by and surprised me by showing me her new sleeve. Made with just my illustrations.. I mean.. How cool is that?! THANK YOU SIRI! You’re just the best! <3

And this is the face of one happy Sanna… It felt like I had that smile all the time during the fair. It’s hard not to be happy when you’re surrounded by such wonderful people all day long. Thank you so much Formex! I really hope we meet again soon! <3

Monday August 28th, 2017