Buy a print – get tattoos for free!

As I wrote in my previous post, I’ll take a little break for about three weeks. Which means that the delivery time will be longer than usual during this time. The webshop will be open as usual. But orders placed after Thursday, July 21 will not be sent away until, as earliest on Monday, August 15, 2016, when I’m back home in Sweden again.

As a small consolation for the long delivery time you’ll get an extra gift when you order in my webshop during this period! You will get tattoos! Well, not real ones. You know those fake tattoos that last for about a week and that you can wash away with water. And of course, they are all with my illustrations on ;) They look like this.


You can use them yourself or give them to someone you like.

Hope you have a really great summer everyone! See you soon again!

Friday July 22nd, 2016