The TRUCK – to paint on a food truck

Last week I spent a lot of time at the big theater together with my dear trainee Alicia Linnér. I had been commissioned by the lovely guys who runs the restaurants, The BARN and Teaterkällaren to freshen up an old food truck where they will be selling hot dogs and beer this summer (Right outside the big theater here in Gothenburg at a nightclub called “Backstage”).

They wanted all old text to be removed, a new fresh layer of paint, add a menu and the The TRUCK logo on the front, plus some extra fun details. So then it was just to get started! :)

Here’s how it looked before.

There was a lot of double-sided tape everywhere on the car since before. It had been there for awhile, so it was really hard to get rid of it. It had like melted together with the plate. But with some help of some paint scraper, white spirit and some other strong stuff, we finally got rid of it. Then it became like soft chewing gum, so you got to scrape it off layer by layer.

Alicia is enjoying the chewing gum ;)

Scrape, grind and fix the surface and then paint it over with gray metal paint.

Time to paint the details! :)

Lunch break with my dear, pink lady!

I also made some new signs to the restaurant Teaterkällaren’s street writer. To these I used white posca pens. I think it’s easier to write text with pens than with brushes. Then I finished with a thin layer of lacquer for extra protection since they’re gonna be outside.

Then it was time to get back to the food truck and to paint hot dogs and beers!

It’s not everyday that you get to paint a hot dog on a car ;)

And this is how it looks like in action!

So if you’re a little hungry after all clubbing at the “Backstage nightclub” you can now grab a bite here :) Open Saturdays 11pm – 04 am.


Monday May 22nd, 2017