Under the surface – NEW PRINT!

And then it was finally time to make a friend to “Lady in black” in the limited edition series – Dancing ink.

I’ll never stop being fascinated by how the ink dances around when you drop it into water. It’s really hypnotic to watch! This is just one tiny drop of ink that I dropped into a glass of water… and it just keep dancing like there was no tomorrow. So beautiful.

…And trying to capture this beautiful scenery with just pencils on paper is really easier said than done. To draw abstract is (for a little self-critical, perfectionist like me)… very difficult! But after an x-number of “This-didn’t-turn-out-as-I-planned-sketches” she was finally there on the paper. I call this illustration for… Under the surface.

And this is how the “in the making process” looked like.

I took pictures of the dancing ink and used them as inspiration.

Gave a sneak peek on Facebook and Instagram.

The home office.

Then I put a little ballet dancer in there aaand voila! It’s finished! :) After that I scanned the drawing and sent it to the printers.

Home delivery! Fresh from the oven!

All numbered and signed by hand.

There are only 250 limited edition art prints of “Under the surface”. Which means that this illustration will not be re-printed when it’s sold out.

This is what she looks like in a frame.

And this is what she looks like together with her best buddy “Lady in black”.

You can now find this limited art print together with the rest of the crew in my webshop.

Hope you like her! :)


Wednesday March 7th, 2018