When two becomes three.

As you might have seen in my earlier posts we’ve been expecting a baby girl! On March 6th to be precise! But I was convinced that she would come even earlier than that! I guess just because I’ve been feeling so well during almost the whole pregnancy. I havn’t had any major problems or pain and I’ve been able to exercise and take long walks almost every day.

This is how I looked like on march 6th. 100 % baked!

But oh my! Was I wrong! The days went on and turned into weeks over time and all of a sudden we stood there and had booked an appointment to get the labour started at the hospital here in Gothenburg. Those days waiting were the longest days in my life. The time went sooo slow! But then suddenly, two days before the due date at the hospital (after a long walk), the water finally broke! I was so happy! I really wanted the body to start everything by itself.

We drove to the hospital to double check that everything was okay (which it was!) and almost directly after that as we got back home I started to get really heavy contractions. 2-3 contractions every 10 minutes that I had to take standing up every time otherwise it hurt to much. But that wasn’t enough to get the labour started. Which ended up with us staying at home working with the contractions for two whole days. We didn’t get much sleep there. So! We had to go to the hospital and get some help anyway in the end. (on week 42 + 1 day).

After 48 hours of constant pain and no sleep we both were really tired. But at the same time we were so happy to know that this time we won’t get back home from the hospital without our little baby girl.

We were welcomed by the sweetest staff and they informed us about how the process will work for me. Although it felt like we started this journey a bit uphill, they got both me and David to feel that we were in such safe hands. We read our birth letter together and then it was time for me to get a hormone drip to start the labour for real.

To make a long story not too long, the process looked a bit like this. Hormone drip, heavy contractions, tens, nitrous oxide, constant contractions without break, back anesthesia that didn’t work, half panic, I explain to David that there will be no more children, pause hormone drip, David cheers a drained Sanna, after 8 h new test with back anesthesia, it works! (hallelujah!), less pain, food break with spaghetti and meat sauce, increase drip, the contractions became stronger again, exhale nitrous oxide like that there was no tomorrow, testing different labor positions, after 15 hours with hormone drip finally the second stage of labour started, I find out that I can scream louder than I’ve ever done before, the sun is on its way up and gently lights into the room, the blackbird sings outside, the clock was 05.57 in the morning and there finally… our beloved little Ebba laid on my chest and took her first breath.

It was a long and very intense childbirth. 65 hours in total to be precise. But OMG what an amazing experience! During childbirth I said (read screaming) that I never want to be involved with this again. “There will be no more children, David!” But as soon as she got up on my chest all the frustration and pain was like blown away. All midwives and nurses have been absolutely fantastic! (we met 3 different teams during this time)  Not to mention my dear partner who was an incredible support from the start. Thanks honey! I hadn’t managed this without you! <3

And now she’s here! Our beloved little Ebba! A perfect, healthy, baby girl. 3,4 kg and 50 cm tall. Today she’s one week old and we dove straight into the baby bubble from the first second we saw her (And I guess we won’t come out from it until she’s a teenager).

Friday March 29th, 2019