Västtrafik, West pride and Tom of Finland.

At last, summer is here and the sun has come to greet us with its warmth and boost of vitamin D.

Started the day with a morning walk in Slottskogen here in Gothenburg and a dropped by the supermarket to get some breakfast … and today’s Göteborgs-Posten (one of Swedens most popular newspaper). Because today! You can find a portrait I did (full page!) for Västtrafik (the local traffic of the west part of Sweden) in both Metro (another great newspaper) and Göteborgs-Posten. So very awesome! : D

The portrait is on Lars Bäckström, CEO of Västtrafik. A portrait with a small text where he invites Gothenburg residents to come and have a coffee and talk public transportation now during this happy West pride week. But this portrait is a little bit different from those I usually do. When I draw portraits I want them to be as realistic as possible, with a lot of tiny, tiny details. I want them to look more like simple photos, if possible. But this time it turned out a little different.

Västtrafik is a proud sponsor of West pride. They wanted to show that in this advertise-portrait. Get another touch of Lars. They wanted to portray him in a light “Tom of Finland – style” (Google his name and you will see a lot of funny pictures ;) Tom was a Finnish artist who had a significant influence on the homoerotic art and gay scene. He often drew very muscular men in tight leather clothes with motorcycles, broad-shouldered sailors with well-groomed mustache and huge jawbone, three-day stubble and chin dimples deeper than the Mariana Trench in the Pacific. You must check this out! His drawings are so great an with a lot of humor.

Here are some examples (light version, there are a lot more naked once) :



Z__Images_Tom of Finland


I thought this kind of portrait sounded like a really fun thing to do and obviously I wanted to do it!

I also think that it’s pretty cool that a CEO of such a big company let himself be portrayed like this. Thumbs up to you Lars Bäckström!

Tom was an incredibly talented artist. I usually don’t use the same technique that he did. He had a little “fine-grained” and smoother style with less detail. So I tried to capture that as best I could. It’s a very delicate balance when to change and add to someone’s appearance and still maintain similarity. It was really a challenge! I gave him a wider neck, bigger muscles, chin and jaw bone, removed some wrinkles  and gave him a little thicker hair and denser beard. Poor Lars… But we got it in the end!

And here he is! …full page in both of the newspapers Metro and Göteborgs-Posten … and I must admit that I feel a little proud :)

Here’s the result (next to my breakfast):


A huge hug and a big thank you to Västtrafik for a really fun collaboration!

HAPPY WEST PRIDE! <3<3<3<3<3<3

Thursday June 11th, 2015